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Free WordPress Training: WordPress Beginning to End, For Non-Techies

ByCarmen Proctor

Free WordPress Training: WordPress Beginning to End, For Non-Techies

Hello everyone!

Our first online learning course has been published in Udemy for students around the world.  We have developed a WordPress training for non-techies, at the request of many non-technical business type clients who want to understand WordPress setup and maintenance.  All you need for this course is your own domain name, a browser and internet connection, and some basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

This is our very first online course, so we are offering a coupon to the first 250 to sign up to receive the course for free:


During this course, you will receive over 4 hours of video training on WordPress install, configuration, and maintenance.  Students will:

  • Build their own website using WordPress
  • Learn about choosing themes based on your business
  • Go through the steps of customizing the site look and feel and content.
  • Add functionality using plugins.
  • Make changes to the design using primary themes and child themes.
  • Learn basic best practices for maintaining their website.

We will review all the different sections that are “out of the box” for WordPress. We will also review easy add-ons like custom themes, plugins, and widgets.  Towards the end of training, we’ll get into some basic customization that won’t require much more technical knowledge than HTML and CSS. I will also share with our students a list of reference material that we use on a regular basis to choose themes, colors, stock photos, to help you make decisions like a web designer!

I have designed this training so that I can address many of the questions faced by business owners and non-technical types as they work to launch their own sites.

This course includes all the video training sessions, plus an eBook with all the content used in this training to keep as reference.

I hope you sign up to try out our very first WordPress training for beginners, and we look forward to your feedback.


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Carmen Proctor administrator

Carmen has been a software project manager, developer, consultant and trainer since 1999. She has extensive experience building and training software development teams in many different technologies. Most recently, she has been building her skills in the front end development arena for web and mobile applications, including technologies like HTML and CSS, frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, and Content Management Systems like Wordpress.